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Lee Hazlewood - Cowboy in Sweden
Audio > Music
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2005-04-02 22:52:23 GMT

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At the turn of the '60s, Lee Hazlewood decided to leave America for Sweden. He had already spent time in the country, appearing as an actor in two television productions, so his decision wasn't completely out of the blue — especially since he had become close with the Swedish artist/filmmaker Torbjörn Axelman. The year that he arrived in Sweden, he starred in Axelman's television production Cowboy in Sweden and cut an album of the same name. Judging by the album alone, the film must have been exceedingly surreal, since the record exists in its own space and time. At its core, it's a collection of country and cowboy tunes, much like the work he did with Nancy Sinatra, but the production is cinematic and psychedelic, creating a druggy, discombobulated sound like no other. This is mind-altering music — the combination of country song structures, Hazlewood's deep baritone, the sweet voices of Nina Lizell and Suzi Jane Hokom, rolling acoustic guitars, ominous strings, harpsichords and flutes, eerie pianos, and endless echo is stranger than outright avant-garde music, since the familiar is undone by unexpected arrangements. Though the songs are all well-written, Cowboy in Sweden is ultimately about the sound and mood it evokes — and it's quite singular in that regard. 


I have this one already, I only want to say that it's a marvelous record that makes you smile. I think it's probably the best record Lee Hazlewood ever made. Quite short, but wonderful. :) :) :) :) :)
Can you upload the film, anyone? I haven't seen it anywhere.
There is something wrong with the first song. The file must be corrupt?
Kan ingen seeda en stund?
Can someone please seed? Would be great ;)!
Just 4% / 2MB please, then I have it ;)

The person who suggested that song 1 "Pray Them Bars Away" is FUBAR (f*cked up beyond all repair)is dead right. It's slashed to bits, with the song starting and stopping, with large sections missing, often replaced by white noise hissing! A true mess.

From what's left, it sounds like it would have been a good song...

I hope someone might replace this injured file with a clean one.

In the meantime, by good fortune, there's a torrent available of the video of the song, from the movie the album "Cowboy..." comes from.
So, there is a way to get to still get to hear it.
The song is as good as its fucked up.

Could someone reupload it somewhere else?